Louisa Love

Louisa Love is a Dover-born contemporary artist working experimentally across sound, music, writing, installation, performance and collaborative/curatorial activity. She makes multi-narrative work exploring the multiplicity of the individual voice and how this is ‘performed’ across aspects of language, matter, space, place, bodies and technology. Roaming a multitude of concerns and processes encompassing both exhibitionary activity and experimental live art, she is interested in exploring the intersections of making, writing, thinking and sounding as expanded processes of ‘voice’ and subjectivity.

Louisa’s work and research is particularly focused in sound studies, taking an interest in the physical dimensions of sound and orality, the role of sonic practice in identity discourse, and acoustic ecology. Since 2019 she largely works collaboratively with Clive McLachlan Powell as sound artist duo OOR_Scintilla.

Louisa gained her BA in Fine Art from UCA Canterbury in 2013 before moving to Scotland in 2017 to undertake her MFA at Edinburgh College of Art. Born and raised in Dover, she has worked closely with DAD since 2013 on various developmental activity and public projects including DMAG: JoinedUp, CHALKUP21 and WHAT NEXT. From 2019 – 2020 she was a committee member of EMBASSY Gallery in Edinburgh.

Louisa joined Clare Smith and Joanna Jones as a third DAD director from September 2020 to June 2021 before becoming a DAD Guardian. She currently operates between Kent and Scotland.