Dover’s Big Draw 2020

What Next?


This years  Big Draw Festival theme was ‘A Climate of Change’ and was held online on instagram @dover_bigdraw on October 26th 2020.

Dover Big Local Art 31, in partnership with DAD, has led Dover’s Big Draw since 2013, as a public, family friendly event that responds to an annual theme set by The Big Draw Festival. This year it was funded by the Dover Big Local and Arts Council England as part of Dover Arts Developments What Next? project

The Big Green Draw was eager to help showcase mindsets and actions that proactively support positive symbiosis between people and the Earth’. The Dover Big draw 2020 showed videos from artists with ways to encourage the idea that everyone would have everything they needed to participate with no need to go out and buy something more. There were drawings using chocolate, brushes made out of twigs, monoprints using shoe polish, sphere’s made with a pencil, edible animations  …..

Frejya Matthews-Crow  made a wonderful zine and video from the drawings and videos that Anna-Marya Tompa, Drew Burrett, Steph Wallace, Mike Tedder, Petra Matthews-Crow, Florence Husen, Alison Trelfer, Bev Williams, Helen Lindon, Katharine Beaugié, Louisa Love, Chris Burke, Alma Tischlerwood, Clare Smith, Joanna Jones, John Horne, Poppy Wallace, Story Bundy, Alfie & Olie, Euphemia McTavish, Sue Riley and herself submitted.

We are delighted that so many DAD contributors contributed to this years big draw.

The Big Draw Zine can be viewed and downloaded here
VIDEO & ZINE can also be viewed on @dover_bigdraw

The video soundtack is from musician Richard Bundy:


Feedback :

It was a really interesting starting point and subsequent process to look at what was readily available in my home to create my drawing. The Instagram page gave a sense of community and collaboration in this fractured time.   Steph Wallace

I really liked raiding my kitchen for things that I could draw with. My favourite thing was that my drawing smelled as lovely as it looked.  Poppy Wallace

This year’s Big Draw ‘A Climate of Change’ was particularly pertinent , given the impact that Covid 19 has had, and continues to have, on all our lives, and the ongoing and much bigger threat that faces this planet: climate change. For me, the Big Draw allowed time to reflect a little on what I remembered from the 1st lockdown, the daily walk as early spring moved to early summer and of the visual treat that each day brought; I remember how much I valued those walks.  I also reflected on the people I admire in the public domain, who are vocal in speaking out about the impact humans are having on the planet and who work hard to campaign for climate and environmental action on a national and international scale. I sought to combine these in a small zine, created through short continuous line drawing exercises, a little bit of colour and collage, using materials that I had around the house. I really enjoyed making a quick time lapse video of the process and of now, having the opportunity to watch it alongside the other time lapse recordings by Dover’s Big Draw contributors.
Moving to an online platform ( Instagram) at once offered us new possibilities, and challenges, in terms of how we connected to the public to celebrate the wonders of drawing. I am already looking forward to what The Big Draw brings in 2021!  Petra Matthews-Crow

I loved taking part in Dover’s Big Draw this year. The theme of a Climate of Change was something super important to me. I’ve spent a chunk of this year living on and off HS2 rebellion camps, taking part in numerous actions to help stop HS2 and prevent the destruction of vital, precious woodlands across the UK. My response to the theme was using the all-knowing  trees and my mythical deities the sprouts; the sprouts, which live among trees, stars and sea seem like these other worldly creatures when in reality they are actually just you or I. We are all the sprouts, living amongst the trees and stars.
Seeing how all the participants responded to the theme was really interesting and beautiful. Although the work was around the same theme it was all so diverse, but somehow it all made sense when combined together in the zine and film, and I guess that’s because all the pieces are personal, the human response is what brought them together, and the addition of Richard Bundy’s beautiful music to the film seemed to be the perfect conclusion for a brilliant big draw 2020 event.  Freyja Matthews-Crow

Very much enjoyed the activity and thought it all worked surprisingly well on instagram. I am totally delighted by the zine and the video; Freyja Matthews-Crow did a fantastic job bringing all the different works that were submitted together in a way that they have become something cohesive and whole, diversity in unity, a beautiful reflection of positive symbiosis between people and the Earth – the Big Draw 2020 theme.  Joanna Jones

Just watched the video and looked at  the zine . Great work , well done Freyja and all involved . Story loved being part of it . If I can help put the word out for next year , do let me know. Diane Bundy

It was really refreshing to use this year’s Big Draw to remind myself of how much drawing – something I do not do very much of – can open me up to a different kind of experimentation and improvisation to the one I’m used to, and how closely this can sit within my usual process. The need to record our drawing in digital format this year, to work within our means and each participate from the context of our own homes brought a new sense of connectivity to the Big Draw. It really allowed each person’s individual approach and relationship to drawing to be seen and felt, and for us to encourage each other to enjoy creating in-the-moment, freely communicating something from our own personal worlds as part of a wider, shared consciousness of this one planet we all live on. A particular thank you to Freyja for her wonderful bringing together of these contributions in the Insta ether, in the film and in the zine. Louisa Love

Loving the Dover Big Draw Video. Beautifully crafted and superbly enhanced by Richard’s stunning soundtrack.
It was good for me to be encouraged to think of what is relevant to draw in respect to climate change and how to do this simply with utensils found at home for anybody. Back to the basics for me. And wonderful to watch others’ responses to the same brief; showed us who and how we all are and how we differ. DAD is of course where the Art is …..    Kate Beaugié