Steph Wallace

Steph Wallace is a Dover based teacher who promotes creativity and equality of opportunity. She uses art as a well being tool for the children with whom she works and advises across schools on inclusion and open access. Steph is an Arts Award Explore and Develop adviser, working with children (and their parents) from 4 to 11 years of age. Steph contributed drawing and film to the Park Bench Project 2018/19 and is a devoted promoter of the annual Big Draw festival. Currently studying drawing with OCA and working with the local authority and DfE on inclusive provision and innovative ways of working across the curriculum.  In her own practice as a visual artist she draws on daily life, focusing on elements that might seem insignificant or mundane, giving voice to the unseen (a nod to her previous life as a Sociologist). Originally from Folkestone, she grew up in London and the Middle East.