It’s not ‘us and them’ but ‘us all’

Threading Together

Sunrise Cafe opened on Snargate Street on 3rd July 2021

It was a project grown from a wish to find a way to build community and lives and give a hand up in life not just give handouts. The wish is that it will be a place where all are welcome, all have choice and all can meet and enjoy food and conversation. Some may develop skills through helping and volunteering and building friendship and relationships. Sunrise cafe is run as a not for profit organisation mainly by volunteers and a cafe manager and assistant.

Food is of course key to life and to sharing so it is a good place to start! Attention has also been paid to the environment so there is an exhibition wall where local people can display their work and customers can enjoy local talents.

The food that is offered is good food often produced from what is given by supermarkets and local businesses and people with allotment surplus. Breakfasts, morning coffee and cakes and scones as well a choice of healthy lunch options are always available. Those that can afford pay for a meal and may donate too and those that cannot afford any or some of the cost are welcomed.

As the cafe is open 8-2pm 6 days a week there is now a space for local groups to gather in the afternoons and evening, adding another opportunity to the local connectivity.

So what starts with food on the table and choice has the possibility of growing into something even more nourishing…. real connection, care and support for each other. The whole founding team share the excitement of this.

You ask…. Why Dover?? Because we all love it and its people! There is so much going on and so much energy to build the town and enjoy its wonderful, challenging and edgy location. Many of the founding group have been involved in other Dover outreach projects that support people without a stable home or without a regular income for food and daily life. We just want to hold a space where it’s not ‘us and them’ but ‘us all’…we are all in this life together and together we can journey……………

The logo was designed for a competition in local schools and Elina’s design won!

Feature image: Gwen Hedley