Threading Together

Threading Together is a cross-generational arts project, using embroidery and photography focusing on diverse food cultures. 

Participants from across the community will be invited to embroider food-related motifs (designs, text) inspired by individual cultures and personal memories onto a Chinese embroidered tablecloth which will be exhibited when completed along with photographs by young photographers from Dover Technical College.

Gwen Hedley an experienced textile artist and educator will guide and inspire the embroidery part of the project. 

The photography element will be delivered by our project partner Andrew Dennis (AJD Solutions) with Benjamin Bowles and will involve 10-12 young people from Dover Technical College. The students will take photographs relating to the world’s food culture accessible within Dover thanks to the variety of independent coffee shops and eating places.

Restaurant businesses seldom come into a community event – the project is an opportunity for them to join a conversation about food and cultural attitudes to food.

At a time when society appears very divided the project aims to bring people together and foster greater inter-community and intergenerational understanding as well as create a sense of pride in Dover’s town and community.

The final event will take place at Dover Technical College and the curators of DAD RADIO will be there to collect soundbites for broadcasting in a DAD RADIO episode.

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