Big Draw 2017: making Lines move animation workshop at the DBL hub


On Wednesday 25 October participants got together with Phil Saunders to start making the animation inspired by a story written by Barry O’Brien based on a newspaper report from 1841. All the drawings made on Sunday in Kearsney Abbey Gardens were photographed, by scene, and new drawings were made to fill in the missing gaps.

From London Standard, 8 October 1841

Yesterday evening an inquisition was held …over the body of a gentleman who was found by the head gardener of Mr Fector, lying on his face in a ditch, in the shubbery, near Kearsney Abbey. On the body were found a passport…from which it appeared the name of the deceased was Charles Bresler, an M.D …his reason for leaving Germany was a love afair… How the deceased came by his death cannot be ascertained…



Dover District Council worked in partnership with DAD on the Big Draw 2017 and they organised the activities that took place on 22nd and 25th October. This included finding and supervising a young artist to create a poster, publicising the events, running a 2-hour workshop that involved poetry reading and getting participants to explore the parks and find materials and images to use for an animation. The park was followed up by another workshop in Dover town centre. This resulted in the creation of an animation that was set in Kearsney Abbey. DAD were a pleasure to work with, very helpful and reliable, and they produced a high-quality product that we were very pleased with.