Dover’s itinerant Big Draw 2018


Dover’s Big Draw took place on 23 October 2018 in 4 different locations:

  • My Gallery
  • Biggin Hall
  • Dover Big Local Hub
  • The Table

This allowed the team to go to where people can be found rather than the other way round. Each session consisted of warm-up and warm-down exercises and a game using dice to determine 6 subject areas and 6 approaches. So, for example, participants found themselves drawing their favourite toy with their eyes closed or drawing stormy weather as a tonal drawing ….

This year’s Big Draw theme was “Play”.

For me, the play theme was further enhanced by our relocation throughout the day…it was quite a challenge to pack up and move on within the time frame. With it brought much laughter and opportunities to engage different groups and generations. That really was the key to the day…play, laughter and equal participation across and between age groups. A great day indeed! (Steph Wallace)

The day was a huge success and enabled many people, some of whom lacked confidence in drawing, the opportunity to draw in entirely different and unfamiliar ways…through play. I particularly enjoyed the couple of hours we spent at MyGallery where people of all ages spent time exploring their imaginations as they were challenged to respond to the throw of the dice whilst experimenting with unfamiliar ways of drawing. Great fun! (Petra Matthews-Crow)

I had an amazing day and was so impressed with the turnout at all of our locations! It was great to engage with the local community and bring them out of their comfort zones helping them feel comfortable with drawing and experimenting with different mediums and paper! 10/10 day. (Chevonne Lane)

The session we attended at Smart Gallery was great; imaginative ideas and great to see different generations working together, thanks. (Pam Brivio)

Would you believe it, my first ever Big Draw! Its a great way to bring people from completely different backgrounds together to do a very simple thing… DRAW! And have a natter while they do it. The best bit was when an elderly gentleman wondered in and the next thing you know we’re drawing each others portrait! Great Day! (Sam Giles, Future Foundry, Biggin Hall)

Such a delight to see the big draw at the ’table’ at Charlton Green providing the focus for such an intergenerational communicative event on a beautiful late October afternoon surrounded by trees on the Green.(Joanna Jones)

Lovely to see the Tabula in action capturing the true meaning (Uwe Derksen)

 I look like such a big kid I love it

Selected participant feedback.

  • Very interesting and friendly couple of hours
  • Super duper effort from the organisers. Insightful, fun and we learnt alot
  • Lovely time, makes you think outside the box
  • This was the best thing
  • Very fun and gets the imagination going
  • Verry cool

Photos by Joanna Jones, Petra Matthews-Crow, Clare Smith, Steph Wallace