Louise Webb

I am a Dover Based artist who has worked throughout Kent, the UK and has shown internationally. Recently my artist practice has centred around communication,  miscommunication, misinterpretation and mistakes through the multiple participation of narrative and conversation.

Through the use of moving images, I have been investigating the intimacy of electronic devices and digital hospitality observing how new social histories and fictional realities are being created through shared technologies.

I am interested in how these inevitable formats of communication can be used to share collective joy, resistance and hope while being faced with the difficulties of privacy, false news and hidden algorithms.  My research practice has been focused on art community networks, public spaces, administration of the arts, AI and working ethics.

I have had a growing interest in the importance of conversation and relationship between art communities, councils and public organisations and councils, this has been further expanded with my involvement in the IU (Incidental Unit) which has evolved from the Artist Placement Group.