DAD RADIO #9 | Weathertime


DAD RADIO episode #9 has brought to the airwaves the soundtrack to Weathertime, a cross-channel film project from 2016 which brought together 30 artists from the ‘Maritory’ coasts of England, France and Belgium in a collective visual diary of September 2015. 

Instigated by an invitation from artists Kate France & Sylvie Reteuna in Dunkirk, who were inspired by the diaries of Parisien gardienne/caretaker ’Madeleine’, each artist was invited to respond visually and textually with

  1. a description of the weather in words
  2. a field of colour
  3. an observational text, drawing or quote

During Summer 2016, Weathertime was made available to view onboard the DFDS Dover – Dunkirk Ferries.

The Weathertime soundtrack by musicians/sound artists Paul Cheneour, Francois Le Roux & Marjorie Van Halteren connects and draws out each entry in a truly synergic work that transcends the addition of the parts.

Watch & find out more about Weathertime here

Curated and presented by Louisa Love & Louise Webb. First broadcast on DCR FM on 4th June 2021..