2017 Spontaneous Creativity Workshop with The HA!MAN

Spontaneous Creativity

To all who have an interest in keeping their sources of being creative nurtured and alive, I plan to be back in Dover in the Spring of 2017 for another workshop in Spontaneous Creativity. By definition, very little can be said about it in rational terms. To rekindle spontaneity, that playful realm where we grew up from and where we need to re-enter to find fresh inspirations, one needs to relax on those very definitions and concepts usually employed when making art. This is what we do, every time such a workshop unfolds, giving birth to an event with its own life and organic structure, rather than a series of exercises. What we are after here is no abandoning of control and form, but finding those anew within a flow that does not skirt away from the Unknown. As usual, I use musical improvisation (cello, voice plus a range of other sounds) in a central way to facilitate this experience, opening the floor to all other forms of expression, as brought forward by those who choose to participate. Furthermore, I make a point of bringing what we express into a sharing dynamic, apart from giving scope for more private as well as communal expression. In other words, we play together, we play by ourselves, but we also play-perform to each other, which brings a special focus and intensity to the event. More later! The HA!Man (Francois le Roux)

The workshop was held on March 18th 2017: herewith some responses

At the workshop I was amazed how it spoke directly to some and less to others who would perhaps open up in a more constructive way if the workshop would take two days rather than just one. A more structured two day workshop might also be a better way to make money than a one day session. Somehow it can either be an event and open to more people in the road or a workshop which is more educational. But maybe it was good that it was in between. It certainly worked. It might also be helpful to also have a female musician on stage. From what I saw, male and female spontaneity might be different. Lots of ideas to build on.

Another day of intimate glorious creativity with interesting, inspiring comments, conversations and reflections. I just wonder if there would be an apatite to hold these creative sessions more frequently during the year, perhaps 4 sessions? Any thoughts from anyone?

Such a brilliant Day

I really enjoyed responding to and making sounds together

Joanna Jones: The Morning After

Many thanks for sharing this,….. I enjoyed the workshop very much. For me, as you could hear, it was much more to do with sound/s and listening, and I felt very much part of the collective.

Thank you for sharing this film, …… It was a good day for me too, exploring possibilities and attempting to reflect the sounds in a visual timeline in the shared space. I am still looking at what film I have and am trying out some ideas.

Thank you for your video and thoughts about the day. If I had known more about what to expect I would of been better prepared.

Clare Smith: Ink and Paper

Helen Lindon: Whispers

The workshop the following day and the opportunity to immerse myself in the creative process was a sheer joy. Having relocated to Kent I have felt somewhat lost in the wilderness but to be able to share the day with other creatives was re affirming and an enriching experience for my soul. Thank you.

Reading through the comments, also in the light of recent experiences with presenting similar workshops elsewhere, it would perhaps be an idea for next time to frame the space better. The Studios’ space is rather dispersed, which might work better for some, but lose a certain cohesion of focus and awareness of each other. The suggestion to present it in a more “educational” way is also instructive. Again, some would appreciate individual freedom and flow more, while others would benefit more from more defined frames and guided content, which is also possible from my side. I would certainly encourage attendees to find ways to do this more regularly throughout the year, to also build experience from which my visit and presentation could learn from. Francois le Roux (HA!Man)