DAD@TEN was a celebration of DAD’s tenth anniversary through a series of events, starting with the INSPIRATION = DOVER concert and exhibition.

It  included screenings of DAD productions over the past ten years, workshops and hosted conversations.

Since founding we have to date delivered 32 projects, worked with 20+ schools, grown our social media and online audience, engaged 1500 participants directly in workshops, involved 126 artists in DAD projects and supported 50 more.

In the last ten years we have built up an impressive mass audience through the works that are now in the public realm and an extensive range of business partnerships.

In the ten years of its existence, DAD has stayed true to a strategic vision of the role the arts play in placemaking and strengthening communities. We will continue to work hard to ensure that arts and culture make a strong and vibrant contribution to making Dover a better place to live and work and an exciting place to visit.

The main achievement of the project will be an even greater understanding of how good practice is essential to high quality engagement, a greater appreciation of the economic value of DAD’s work and of DAD’s investment in the territory of East Kent and its contribution to supporting the careers of emerging and mid career Kent based artists. Through our continued international/European connections our work will also promote Kent as a cultural destination for visitors from overseas as well as those from further afield in England, Scotland and Wales.

To conclude the project our Graphic designer Edda Jones produced a publication to mark the TEN years.

Interview on the Kent Creative Live show with Nathalie Banaigs, 5th July 2016, Channel Radio. DAD won the Kent Creative Arts Organisation of the Year Award in 2016

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Let’s get together

Our DAD graphic designer, Edda Jones, created a special edition newspaper for our 10th anniversary. Unbeknown to us she invited Rosie James, Simon Partridge, Pierre Yves Brest, Marcia Teusink, Goetz Diergarten, Dominic [...]

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The HA!MAN House Concert

26 people attended the HA!MAN  concert /salon on March 17th 2017 at Joanna’s home. Some of the Feedback: It was a rare privilege to see Francois perform in an intimate [...]