Let’s get together


Our DAD graphic designer, Edda Jones, created a special edition newspaper for our 10th anniversary.

Unbeknown to us she invited Rosie James, Simon Partridge, Pierre Yves Brest, Marcia Teusink, Goetz Diergarten, Dominic de Vere, John Dargan, Louisa Love, Gabor Stark and Kate Beaugie to contribute to the edition and wove their contributions into a wonderful graphic work using elements she has used over the last TEN years to give DAD its unique graphic branding.

We are giving a copy of this limited edition of 500 to all the artists and organisations that have worked with us, building DAD together with us over the last TEN years.

Thanks to Edda’s very special gift to us, we are able to make our thanks to everyone tangible with this beautiful publication.

On April 22nd 2017 from 11 am to 9 pm, in Clare’s project space at 67 Astley Avenue, we had a steady stream come to pick up their copies of the DAD newspaper in a DAD atmosphere: drawing, making music, chatting, drinking, hanging out and eating from a magically replenishing buffet as people brought one delicious thing after another for everyone to share. 

We have copies of the edition for all artists and organisations unable to attend the event.

The DAD 10 year anniversary newspaper is a coherent and vibrant artefact; a fitting testament (testimony) to the commitment and endeavour of DAD. The newspaper is beautifully designed; as you approach it you are confounded slightly, the logo shines on the newsprinted cover. A clever and cost effective use of a vynil logo addition, positioned judiciously by hand. The interior presents the artworks in a daringly sympathetic way, making great use of placement and colour accents. The information and narrative is paced really well, each spread communicating in differing and delightful ways, surprising the viewer through scale, type and composition to create a beautiful and playful rhythm throughout. The design does not overpower the content at all, it enhances it. A great deal of care and attention has been paid to the designing of this object; echoing the great deal of care and attention paid by Joanna and Clare to developing an arts strand in Dover, the community in the surrounding area and the arts in the South East. John Dargan