The HA!MAN House Concert

The DAD Urban Room

26 people attended the HA!MAN  concert /salon on March 17th 2017 at Joanna’s home.

Some of the Feedback:

It was a rare privilege to see Francois perform in an intimate setting like that and I thought you did the whole thing really well. He is an extraordinary artist and much more than just a talented musician. Sometimes with a performance like that the electronics can get in the way but he integrated everything seamlessly and the sound balance between recording and live performance was spot on.

Thanks again for an absolutely wonderful evening yesterday! I’m definitely a François fan now!
Can’t wait for any more house concerts you might put on.

The concert held tonight, featuring Ha! Man at Joanna’s home was a wonderful surprise. The inventiveness was astounding, the mastery of technology enviable as well as his obvious ability to play instruments conventionally. His collaboration with audience musicians was so beguiling. A FANTASTIC evening, intimate as well as mind blowing. Thankyou Joanna for opening your house and taking us to the moon and back!

Extraordinary part of a performance by H. Francois le Roux at Joanna’s in Dover last night. A small clip can’t do justice to the whole performance. Watch out for Joanna’s future soirees as part of Dover Arts Development. You have to be in it to win it! Annie Catford’s video clip

Words can’t really describe what I experienced last night… Francois was mesmerising – his presence in the room was shamanic – he created atmospheres with his wonderful musicality, inventiveness and generosity of spirit. He is such a beautiful human being seemingly full of light and joy of living even though some of his music was so sad and romantic.

thank you for hosting the amazing Ha-Man house gig last night. It was fabulous!

absolutely blown away by this performance sometimes heart achingly beautiful…in a good way

I particularly liked the mix of people at the concert and I think the venue was quite meaningfull. Such house concerts seem to be a step in the right direction to show people that art needs to be carried and not just consumed.

Glen Davies was filming and he seems pleased with the video rushes from the concert – so a film to look forward to!