Spontaneous Creativity

Joanna Jones and The HA!Man (Francois le Roux) were introduced by James Maberly and both have a chapter in his book Why follow Rules? Trust your intuition. Working into the unknown spontaneously is central to both their practices, as with the work of flautist Paul Cheneour.

DAD organised the first Spontaneous Creativity workshop in 2013 with Francois and Paul and the Zen Bicycle Band. The artists’ respective experiences in the field of open improvisation facilitated a collective process and  a communicative experience from all the levels of skill and particular gifts of the participants.

What began as a one-off workshop within DAD’s War & Peace programme  gained momentum with a second in 2014, this time self-funded, and adding painting and drawing and poetry to movement and sound.

In 2015 a third workshop was held as part of DAD’s Culture Kent Dover Pilot ‘Chalk Up project” with participants from France brought over by Kate France who with Sylvie Reteuna had set the seed for a cross channel project with the diaries of Madeleine, a “gardienne” (caretaker) who, everyday noted down the events in her life and the weather. 

From this workshop developed the  ‘Weathertime” film with most of the workshop participants participating in the film as well as others from the previous spontaneous creativity workshops.  Weathertime is a 30 minute film, with works from 30 participants from England, France and Belgium, who created a visual diary of the weather across the ‘maritory’ of the Straits of Dover during September 2015 . Each artist contributed for a specific September day notes on the weather in words, a colour field and an observational drawing or quote or piece of writing. The film was directed by Joanna Jones and edited by Sebastian Edge  who brought all the works together with a soundtrack from Paul Cheneour, Francois Le Roux and Marjorie Van Halteren. A DAD production it was premiered in Dover in April 2016 with all the musicians and many of the artists.

The 2017  Spontaneous creativity workshop took place on March 18th . It was independently run by The HA!MAN  and co produced with DAD.  The HA!MAN held a house concert organised with DAD on March 17th and played with Richard Bundy and Paul Cheneour at an evening organised at the Kearsney Abbey Cafe by Barry O’Brien as part of the Kearsney Parks project.




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The HA! Man is back

HA!Man Day Workshop in Spontaneous Creativity 5th year in Dover Sun 24 March 2019 River Garage Studios River St, Dover  10am to 4pm £10 per participant (limited to 15) Please book [...]

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The HA!MAN House Concert

26 people attended the HA!MAN  concert /salon on March 17th 2017 at Joanna’s home. Some of the Feedback: It was a rare privilege to see Francois perform in an intimate [...]