HA!Man (Francois le Roux)

“I was born in South Africa, tenth generation French Huguenots. Both my father and mother were very musical, my mother with a music degree, my father untrained. But it is my father who stimulated me into discovering the piano myself, before the notes came. Eventually this became my career – making music largely spontaneously. It was a long road from busking on the streets of Cape Town, living from a backpack for years, to buying a car and build up an electron ic orchestra to accompany me. With my sister moving to the States and my mother spending time in France, visits to them broadened my network to those continents since 2001, turning me into a global “wandering minstrel” as my grandmother used to say. Apart from performing and creative work, i do my own driving (haha) and spend an inordinate amount of time behind my laptop to keep up with managing these tours – shared since 2012 with my Belgian life partner, Joke Debaere, who has finally conquered my solo-ness and ate my philosophy for breakfast. Once i thought i should become famous, but sadly discovered that i rather prefer doing what i like. As for calling myself “the HA!Man,” i find it silly and handy at the same time. But especially silly.”