The DAD Chalk Up 2016 film production Weathertime was screened in the cosy, dry and atmospheric Folkestone Sea Sports during the 2016 SALT festival which was blessed with heavy rain and beautiful sunshine.

The film is a visual diary of the weather in the channel in September 2015 by 30 visual artists from the coasts of France Belgium and the UK  with several entries from Folkstone artists. The individual responses in painting, drawing, print and text from all 30 September days are woven together into a 30-minute film with an original soundtrack. The film was described as:

  • mesmerising
  • hypnotic
  • engaging with its repetitive rhythm like breathing

The 2016 SALT commissioned film A Parable for Endeavour (40 mins) by Joanna Jones, Helen Lindon and Clare Smith was shown at the Quarterhouse at noon on October 2nd as well as at the Lindon Studios as part of the Exhibition As far as we can see. The film, which is shot in Dover, is supported by SALT and Dover Town Council through DAD and the first responses have been enthusiastic.

  • Your film is a delight.
  • One the best ‘art’ films I’ve seen. Absolutely loved it.
  • Wonderful heartwarming work