Annabelle Amaros

Annabelle Amoros was born in 1987 in France. After studying at the Art school of Metz she followed courses at the photography school in Arles between 2011 and 2014. During this time she was awarded a grant by the Alsace Region which allowed her to go to the United States in order to develop a photography and video project. Then she went to the Aalto University of Art Design and Architecture in Helsinki, Finland as an exchange student where she followed a video course with Hannu Karjalainen and edited her first video Welcome to My World. After this first experience moving images became the center of her work. She combines video cinema and photography and tries to erase the limit between reality and fiction. For each project she immerses herself for several weeks in the inhabitants’ lives in order to film their environment. She mostly uses ambient light to transform the landscapes and to stage each person into a character. Finally she reorganizes her rushes in order to create a new environment based on her imagination and inspired by the works of David Lynch, Alec Soth, David Clearbout amongst others.