Annabelle Amoros & Nikita Shergill: DAD Photography Exhibition


Last Thursday September 25th marked the opening of the DAD photography Exhibition with works from Annabelle Amoros and Nikita Shergill on the 2nd Floor of  The Workshop, 32-40 Tontine St, Folkestone. CT20 1JU

On the invitation of French Photographer Pierre-Yves Brest, Dover Arts development brokered a student exchange residency programme between the Ecole National de Photographie in Arles France and the University for the Creative Arts in the UK. This exhibition presents the work of the two successful graduates selected through a competitive application process.

The exhibition, part of the Folkestone Fringe curated programme, was organised by DAD with building help from Robert and Peter, curatorial assistance from Mike Marshall and emergency assistance from Ewan Golder. Additional thanks to Diane and Denice Dever, Jonathan Wright, Petra Riemenschneider, Lisa Lorenz, Julia Stavrietsky, Kevin Lohse, Sarah, James Avery and all at The Workshop.

The exhibition runs from Fri 26 Sep – Sun 5 Oct | 11.00 – 17.00 (Fri – Sun)

Annabelle Amoros

Hunter’s Moon  Video for projection 18.37 mins. 2014

Inspired by the novel ‘Un Roi Sans Divertissement’ by Jean Giono (1947), the video Hunter’s Moon tells the story of a little village buried in fear and paranoia, where inhabitants are continuously looking for a man – real or fictional – accused of spying on them, through their lit windows at nightfall.

Annabelle Amoros was born in 1987 in France. After studying at the Art school in Metz she attended the photography school, Arles from 2011-2014. During this time she was awarded a grant by the Alsace Region to go to the United States to develop a photography and video project and also went to the Aalto University of Art Design and Architecture in Helsinki, Finland as an exchange student. Following a video course with Hannu Karjalainen she completed her first video Welcome to My World. Subsequently, moving images became central to her work. In her current practice she combines video, cinema and photography and tries to test the limits between reality and fiction.


Nikita Shergill

Educational Procedures    selected photographs from a series. 2014

Educational Procedures examines the social pressures of education in the UK through the arrangement of institutional space within a secondary school. These large-scale photographic works command an immersive experience of the psychological structures of obedience and control instrinsic to contemporary school education.

Nikita Shergill has just graduated with a BA (Hons) in Photography from the University for the Creative Arts, Rochester. Currently, she is working as an assistant to artists Rut Blees Luxemburg and Steffi Klenz, whilst also working with the Editor of Introdex Magazine – an online photography publication. Nikita is interested in how social spaces may reveal psychological characteristics of human behaviour.


Selected Feedback:

and very spooky it was too !
We enjoyed the film very much. The voice over really enhanced the images.
What a great space to display art

A grumpy man sat next to us in the projection and stomped out saying ‘pretentious rubbish’ we later encounter him again coming down the steps from the Fish and Chips on the roof which he didn’t like either. As he passed us he said ‘you will need an open mind’ to which I replied ‘ I like to think I have’ Pity he didn’t have one himself ! Isn’t it interesting to observe that art still threatens those that don’t get it ?

Wonderful after the business of Folkestone during the Triennial to enter such an empty space and experience the gorgeous images – a breath of fresh air. (Kate Beaugie, artist)