Making things happen


Friday Folkestone Fringe Talks

The first in a series of informal conversations about Folkestone and its future with fellow creative practitioners, cultural influencers, programmers, architects and business owners every Friday from 6pm at the FF Harbour Hub.

WEEK 1 – Fri 26 Sep 18.00 – 19.00 Making Things Happen Dover Arts Development in conversation with french photographer Pierre-Yves Brest and Adrian Lovis from the University of the Creative Arts.

Pierre Yves Brest arrived from France to join the conversation and to take in some of the Folkestone Triennial. The conversation ran from daylight to darkness and was followed by music and food cooked on open fires and given free to everyone who was there.

“Clare and Joanna’s work for Dover Arts Development is a rare and encouraging thing to witness. They are clearly passionate and committed to using the art to enhance the lives and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds in Dover, with community projects and with their own personal work as artists. They came across as open, engaging, interested, sensitive, insightful and generous in their approach to making art happen, very refreshing.”  (Ewan Golder)