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Plans go ahead for the curated strand of the Folkestone Triennial Fringe Programme.


Great morning with Diane Dever from the Folkestone Fringe, Heike Lowenstein, Course Leader Photography UCA Rochester and Nikita Shergill looking at spaces for the DAD UCA/AEENSP Exchange Exhibition that will be part of the curated strand of the Folkestone Triennial Fringe Programme. The exhibition will have works by both exchange students Nikita Shergill, a recent graduate from UCA Rochester and Annabelle Amoros, a recent graduate from the Photography School (ENSP) in Arles. After viewing a variety possible inspiring  spaces we made our descision on the second floor of the Workshop in Tontine Street. We were all sorry that Mike Marshall, Senior lecturer in Photography at UCA. who will help with the curation of the show, was not able to be with us but he viewed the photos Nikita took of the huge beautiful space in Tontine Street, with the table tennis table in the middle and approved it! The opening will be on  September 25th and the exhibition will run through till  October 6th opening on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays.