Helen Lindon

The scientific facts about Climate Change are so many, so difficult to comprehend, are so changeable and so frightening that they seem too big to absorb, so I strive to embody them experientially, as if like Turner, I were strapped to the mast of a ship sailing into the apocalypse.

Sublimity is reunion with the spiritual self through the contemplation of nature – through making my work I endeavour to make visual the effects on us of future climate change.

The work embodies the idea of a liminal space in which civilization recedes and existence becomes dominated and defined by the environment. Like Japanese paintings of tsunami, my work formalises and interprets the vast catastrophe of sea level rise. My aim is to present beautiful work, drawing in the viewer to enjoy it, but also to provoke serious thought and an emotional response and create an energy for action to prevent the collapse of our ecosystems and to mitigate climate chaos. This work is a place for us to stop and think.”


Lindon’s studio work has for many years been about the Climate Crisis and Sea Level Rise and as she has worked, the science has advanced and the predictions have become worse. This has forced her into Activism with Extinction Rebellion in London and locally organising Actions, and she has recently protested as a Red Rebel.

And as her concerns have grown over the last few years for the devastating loss of biodiversity in nature, Lindon has made a wildlife garden / artwork which has become a welcome haven for bees, birds and humans. Collaboration for her, pushing boundaries in her art practice while learning new skills and ways of thinking with other artists, has become vital. Working with fine artists, composers, musicians, sound architects and dancers she has been making live performances and films nationally and internationally.

She has been a Tutor and Associate Lecturer at Central Saint Martins, Byam Shaw and London College of Communication. Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Life Member of the Colour Group of Great Britain, Member of the Knowledge Transfer Network.

In December 2020 she became a DAD Guardian