Spontaneous Creativity

The Weathertime project started when artists Kate France and Sylvie Reteuna, came to visit DAD with the idea of creating a cross-channel project. They brought with them the diaries of Madeleine, a “gardienne” (caretaker).  Every day, for years and years, Madeleine would note down the events in her life – visits, doctor’s appointments, international events, births and deaths – but also every day she noted down the weather.

Kate and Sylvie are currently working on a project in Dunkirk inspired by the diaries, called “Le temps qu’il fait”. “Le temps” in French has a double sense; the weather and the time. DAD responded to this double theme with the project Weathertime:

30 artists, one for each day, have been invited to participate in a collective visual diary of September 2015. The artists are from the ‘Maritory’ of France, Belgium and the UK.

Each artist is supplying :

  1.  A description of the weather  in words
  2. A field of colour 
  3. An observational text or drawing or quote

The diary images, on the the 118mm X 210mm supplied paper, will be brought into a sequential diary as film (16:9 aspect ratio) by Sebastian Edge.

DAD is seeking a tourist location to install the completed film.

Musicians Francois Le Roux, Majorie Van Halteren and Paul Cheneour are producing the sound track.

As legacy each artist will receive a link to the final film to embed in their own websites with the possibility of organising their own live screening event.

We announced each of the 30 artists on their specific September day on our Facebook page.