Sylvie Reteuna

Sylvie Reteuna was born and grew up in the South of France. After discovering theatre at the Théâtre Universitaire de Montpellier, she moved to Paris, and worked as assistant to different theatre directors before founding her own company, La Sibylle, which is based near Lille. She has put on many theatre shows, performances, and readings, working from classic or contemporary texts, and also works by marginal authors operating outside the mainstream which question the link between creation and the wilder shores of human consciousness (Robert Walser, Louis Wolfson, Jean-Pierre Brisset…). She is particularly interested in Art Brut (Outsider Art). The same curiosity, and the same interest in the possibility within each individual to create, has led her to regularly work with amateurs. She has collaborated with Kate France for many years, whether on theatre, performances, installations or participatory projects, most recently in Dunkirk.