Le temps qu’il fait le temps qui passe

Chalk Up

On 14 January 2016 we visited Dunkerque for the opening night of Le temps qu’il fait le temps qui passe at Château Coquelle in Dunkerque, installed by our French partners in Chalk Up, Kate France and Sylvie Reteuna.

The installation recreated a “loge de gardienne” with  a bed, a table, an old television on which a pre-premiere of DAD’s production Weathertime was playing, a wardrobe, a bird cage, a coffee machine and lots of knick knacks. The photos taken during workshops with participants were displayed as postcards around the room, stuck in the side of the mirror, tacked to the wall, on the coffee table…

The film Weathertime is inspired by diaries of Madeleine, a “gardienne” (caretaker) and is a collaborative project  directed by Joanna Jones and edited by Sebastian Edge, bringing together works by 30 selected visual artists from England, France and Belgium, who created a visual diary of the weather across the ‘maritory’ of the Straits of Dover during September 2015 . The soundtrack brings together responses by Marjorie Van Halteren, Paul Cheneour and Francois Le Roux.

Plans are under way for the Premiere in April 2016 in Dover.