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Spontaneous Creativity

DAD offered a third workshop in Spontaneous Creativity as part of a day to bring invited cultural practitioners together from both sides of the Channel on Sunday April 19th 2015.

It was an opportunity for participants from Belgium, France and the UK to freely explore their creativity in a process of open improvisation, facilitating a collective process and communicative experience, not reliant on language, between those taking part.

This year’s workshop day was in two parts: the open improvisation taking  place in the morning with an opportunity for each participant to share something of their own practice in the afternoon.

Sarah Dance introduced Culture Kent, who are supporting the project, and DAD introduced the Culture Kent Dover Pilot that they are leading. Kate France introduced in performance with Christiane, Christelle and Anrafa – their Dunkirk project Le temps qu’il fait.

DAD will deliver a Dover Weathertime  as part of the Dover Pilot for Culture Kent.

It will involve artist “weather watchers” keeping diaries. The diaries could take many forms and these will become clearer as the project develops. Weather watchers will include artists recruited initially through the Spontaneous Creativity workshop.

We are keen to deliver a cross media and cross channel project that includes visual, text and sound elements. The diaries on both sides of the Channel will be brought together for a joint event  in the form of performance, reading, concert, exhibition, film or all of these. The event will include visual artists, musicians, story tellers, performers.

There was time for networking and reflection over lunch and again before the final performance with Francois le Roux (The HA!Man) and Joke Debaere from Belgium, which rounded off the day with everyone joining in before the French participants left to catch their boat.

The atmosphere was warm and inclusive, and the people you had brought together very interesting and inspiring. Christiane, Christelle and Anrafa really enjoyed themselves, and so did I.  (Kate France- France)

A glorious day of mixed artistic movement, a thoroughly good way to spend a birthday!! (Paul Cheneour)

It was a truly free and creative day – I was thrilled to be a part of it!  (Francesca Howard)

I second that Francesca Howard…what a great opportunity to meet other creatives, network, share and enjoy!….I’m very much looking forward to starting ‘Weather Time’ … Thank you DAD. (Victoria Pasquino)

It was inspiring to share creativity on such an equal base. It required more intuition than a rational set-up, which is in my option very fruitful in terms of creating art/self expression. A beautiful way as well to connect to people. Thank you! (Joke Debaere -Belgium)

Encore merci pour cette belle journée de partage , de découverte et d’amitié.Ce sera encore un merveilleux souvenir ! En souhaitant que cette expérience ne soit que le début d’un bel échange de culture,Je vous souhaite la réussite de vos projets ainsi que de belles rencontres. (Christiane Diana – France)

C’était formidable. Les gens là-bas nous ont bien accueillies, j’étais très à l’aise. Je n’oublierai jamais cette journée!
Si c’était à refaire, je le referais certainement! Anrafa Mohammed – France)

Photos: Fleur and Robby Whitfield