Weathertime Premiere

Spontaneous Creativity

WEATHERTIME was premiered on Wednesday April 27th at 18.00 at The Dover Silver Screen Cinema.

All the artists involved in the Weathertime project, our Chalk Up partners, the Chalk Up project director and our sponsor DFDS Seaways were invited to the premiere at the Silver screen cinema in Dover. Weathertime is a 30 minute film directed by Joanna Jones and produced by DAD within their Chalk Up project. The film brings together works from 30 selected artists from England, France and Belgium, who created  a visual diary of the weather across the ‘maritory’ of the Straits of Dover during September 2015

The artists from France arrived courtesy of DFDS ferries and boosted the Dover economy by stocking up on artist materials and clothes from the Dover shops. It was exciting to see and hear the film on a big screen with cinema speakers. Our thanks go to Sandy Wallace and Liam Grant who put so much time into preparing the film for the cinema projection.

A spontaneous creativity workshop was held in Dover a year ago. Connections made at that workshop  developed into the Project where last September 30 artists were given 3 pieces of paper to make a diary noting the weather and their relation to it on their specific day. The 90 scans of the visual pieces where brought together through a process of repetitive slow fades into the 30 minute film. The visual edit was then sent around the musicians; first to Francois Le Roux followed by Paul Cheneour and Marjorie Van Halteren. Marcus Bishop  brought all 3 tracks together in a final mix that the films editor Sebastian Edge then joined with the visual edit. Everyones contibution was honoured equally with no edits on the sound or visual content. The result is a truly synergic work transcending  the addition of  the parts.

We are delighted that DFDS ferries will be adding Weathertime to the loop of videos that can be viewed by passengers whilst on board their ships crossing the Straits of Dover whose weather inspired the ‘Weathertime’ artists in September 2015.  Three copies of the film were presented to Michelle Ulyatt, PR Manager at DFDS, for the ships. Michelle accepted the copies saying that this was an excellent opportunity to present a different image of the port towns on both sides of the Channel.

We continued the celebration and discussion in the Italian restaurant Il Rustico around the corner in Bench Street.

Congratulations and many thanks for a wonderful evening. I loved the film and am looking forward very much to seeing it again. It was a privilege to have participated in a great cross channel project and was truly moved by the input of the artists and was surprised and delighted by the sound track and editing. Once again you have made a wonderful idea real……Brilliant.

It was a genuinely interesting evening and very inspiring to see the creativity that we have in our home town!  it’s fantastic to see examples of cross-border co-operation and how strong the connections are between the artists who participated in the work. (DFDS)

I just wanted to say a big thank you for getting us all together and arranging such a beautiful and thoughtful project, Weathertime. I love the name being linked to both meanings of the French, Le Temps. It’s so positive to be collaborating with artists across the Channel and so poetic the film will be shown on the boats that join us up! Brilliant. You guys never cease to amaze me!

Thank you – it was beautiful watching the project come to fruition tonight. Wonderful news about the film being shown on the ferries and that it will be available to view on Vimeo – so much to take in so I look forward to seeing it again.

Wonderful Weathertime film launch and party!! Thanks

Weathertime is truly hypnotic. It reminds one of long summer days and the ocean. It treads firmly in the footsteps of Philip Glass’s Koyaanisqatsi and with out any doubt fills it’s shoes. (Louis Melville Film Director)

Weathertime is a Dover Arts Development “Chalk Up” production directed by DAD