Chris Burke

I started drawing at the age of two; continued throughout childhood – (which hasn’t ended yet) as I continue to address issues of what it is to be human through Performance, Photos, Painting and Other Stuff.

Uninspired by the formal agenda of a grammar school in Leicestershire, except for Art lessons and English Literature (but I did get several prizes for Handwriting). At the age of fifteen I submitted a painting for an exhibition in the former Yugoslavia (the Art master was an anarcho-communist). Spent periods at colleges of Art in Nottingham and Belfast. Periods at a school of Architecture in North London then The City Literary Institute. Eventually did my B.A. Fine Art at UAL (St Martin’s, Charing Cross Road).
Inspired by thinkers such as Michel de Certeau – ‘History begins at ground level with footsteps’; by writers such as Iain Sinclair and artists such as Francis Alys I began to stroll or walk around urban spaces and to transform that banal everyday act into an Art act. Documented with photos work and performance pieces I did in Calais; walked the Capital Ring in 2011 and the London Loop in 2012; have done several performance works with The London Artists’ Biennale. With the LIP (London Independent Photographers) I have taken part in a documentation of Swanscombe Marsh and contributed to three exhibitions with DAD I have collaborated in several projects including ‘War and Peace’ when I performed a reading from William Cobbett’s ‘Rural Rides’ where he describes his visit to Dover and most recently in Watercress and Daffodils by Clare Smith –  I read the part of Thomas Mawson.