2008 London Biennale


DOVERS’ MOVEABLE FEAST   A London Biennale Pollination


The Louis Armstrong pub has a history as the first and last music venue for groups touring to and from the UK and mainland Europe. Equidistant from Paris and London the pub was owned by Jackie Bowles’ widow of the enthusiastic trombonist and inspired band leader Bod Bowles.

7 hours 20 minutes and 30 seconds of feasting in Dover at the Louis Armstrong pub

The Louis Armstrong pub in Dover hosted the feasting and performances on Monday 12 May that formed Dover’s Moveable Feast organised by London Biennale artists Clare Smith, Joanna Jones and Tischler Wood.

The afternoon began slowly with conversation around the bountiful table and in the beautiful, sun-drenched garden of the Louis. David Medalla, founder of the London Biennale, and “The Americans”, Nelson Loskamp and Heather White, were expected to arrive in the late afternoon on the eurolines bus from Paris. Due to their coach being delayed by high-level scrutiny by suspicious customs officials, the feasting and performing started without them and without Clare who had gone down to meet them.

Everyone finally met at the opening of The Walls in Three Places at the new Charlton Art Centre, which included work by quite a few London Biennale artists.

After the opening, the Moveable Feast continued at the Louis with more performances on the pub’s stage.

Tischler Wood compered the performances which started with Chris Burke reciting the contents of his boite en valise, followed by Poppy Jackson and her house; then came Nelson Loskamp’s electric chair cut featuring David Medalla bound and gagged in red, white and blue while he had his yin and yang hair cut. Interspersed were performances by flautist, Paul Cheneour, electric double bass player, Clive Fletcher and percussionist David Robinson on the Congas; they were then also joined by saxophonist Anne Muddiman, accompanied by Porsche Nelson on the piano playing “Shadow of your Smile” and other tunes; earlier Robbie Kravitz had given a solo rendering of “La Mer” but in the evening was accompanied as she sang “My Funny Valentine” and “Fly me to the moon.”

David dedicated his one-minute impromptu with his ‘Olympic Torch’ with flashing lights to Anne Muddiman, whose birthday it was.

The finale performance by the evening’s hosts, Alma Tischler Wood, Joanna Jones and Clare Smith was a culinary recitation in 3 languages – English, German and Chinese – inspired by Foreign Investment.

Jackie’s  wonderful Chilli con Carne punctuated the feast all evening.

Video: Moveable Feast London Biennale, Louis Armstrong pub, Dover. 2008
JoannaJones,Clare Smith, Alma Tischler Wood.