Chris Burke

What Next?


Stay At Home

Our house is situated on the North Downs, just a mile-or-so south-east of the A2 and about halfway between Canterbury and Dover, in the village of Shepherdswell – ancient name: Sibertswold.

 The front of the house, overlooking the Eythorne Road, faces west and the back of the house faces east.  Dating from 1898-1904, the house is surrounded by mature bushes, hedges and trees, and is not overlooked by any other buildings. The sun creeps around the house from sunrise to sunset, and these are the times when the quality and intensity of the light is at its best.  Of course, it’s not always the same every day; I awoke one morning and noticed there was a certain luminosity in the sky, and the light, filtering through the blinds, struck objects, creating interesting compositions in chiaroscuro. 

Through the windows, I began to record what I was seeing with my iPhone.  These files, which are the result, are silent witnesses of the spaces in which our lives are lived out and are being lived out under lockdown.