Marjorie Van Halteren

What Next?


Marjorie Van Halteren reunites with Paul Cheneour and Hugo Kostrzewa as Giants On Vacation for a new improvised digital performance and shares her latest podcasts:

Giants On VacationPaul Cheneour (wind instruments, voice), Hugo Kostrzewa (sounds, objects, instruments, electronics), and Marjorie Van Halteren (voice, tape, electronics, objects) is difficult to categorise. Found sound of all natures, improvisation, mind jazz.

The three performers came together over the channel (Dover to Lille), and enjoyed performing and recording together in Lille, Dover, Saint Omer, Lomme and points North and more North. The 2020 Great Lockdown inspired them to play together again for DAD Artists at Home.


The Electroacoustical Poetical Society is a podcast project promoting the magic that words, voices, languages, instruments, noises and all manner of sounds make together, live and recorded, written improvised or dreamed – in defiance of genres and categories. 3 new podcasts produced during lockdown can be listened to here


Drawing by Phoebe Dingwall from Marjorie Van Halteren’s The Offbeat Sessions at La Rumeur, Lille.