Dover Printfest21

May is Printfest time and DAD is pleased to be part of the different Dover Printfest21 events taking place from Saturday 25 to Sunday 30 May celebrating the 9th Fête de l’estampe in France.

DAD’s contribution started with a Roundtable event for artists who use printmaking processes or printed marks in their practice and who do not necessarily call themselves printmakers; for example in collage, as marks within a drawing or painting, on textiles, ceramics … It was an opportunity to share ideas with other artists in an online Zoom forum.

We talked about touch, the physicality of print, frottage as an immediate and fundamental way of collecting textural marks, collographs, dry point, monoprint, digital printing… and the use of all these techniques on paper, canvas, textiles as starting points for or elements to include within a piece of work. We also talked about rediscovering “old” work  and getting inspired anew!

  • Thanks so much for hosting the DAD roundtable event – I really enjoyed the evening. Such an inspiring examination of how artists make use of a variety of direct or indirect print elements within their work process. The virtual roundtable event via Zoom worked so well, highlighting the real value of this method of group sharing.
  • Dear Clare and Joanna, Thank you so much for arranging this event and for inviting me. It was lovely to see you both and your beautiful work. I really enjoyed sharing my pieces and hearing from fellow artists about their varied printmaking practices, very interesting and inspiring. A very enjoyable evening!
  • Lovely big success; I really enjoyed it – it was a real pleasure to share amongst such a generous open group
  • Dear DAD, Many thanks for inviting me to participate in Printfest 2021.  It was a privilege to see the many different ways that artists work in print, and an encouragement to try further experimentation.  Also, an education in materials, so thankyou to everyone for their open generosity.
  • I really enjoyed it, thanks! I feel inspired to play around with frottage and collagraphy after listening to some of the other artists talking about what they do. I think it was interesting how different everyone’s work was, even if using similar techniques. And of course I think it was said a few times just how huge the area of printing/printmaking is!
  • a super evening…not a minute wasted and such fun. It was a huge pleasure and a privilege to listen in to professional artists discussing their practice and sharing their thoughts so generously.
  • What an illuminating event this was.   As well as sharing an informal, warm and friendly meeting with like-minded people, it was really interesting to hear how other ‘creatives’ use a variety of printing processes, in a range of disciplines.  It was both informative and inspirational and I’m sure we each took away germs of developing thoughts and ideas – I certainly did!
  • It was nice and interesting to hear the other artists talk about their profession in graphics.
  • I really enjoyed this open-ended journey through fellow artists’ work; the discussion flowing as each artist presented work which revealed how they enjoyed using a print technique, whether this was a quite direct focus or a more lateral approach.  The easygoing and supportive atmosphere developed as the evening went on – this allowed for a lot of fun – and appreciation – of what we were all trying to do – including the the rejects! On a personal level, it gave me an opportunity to review some of my recent work and I discovered connections that I hadn’t stumbled across before. Thanks to all for organising and being so generous – as artists almost always are!
  • Very stimulating evening!

Doverprintfest21 is delivered in conjunction with Future Foundry and Dover Studio Collective .

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