DAD RADIO # 3 | Kearsney Interpreted Pt. 1


DAD RADIO Episode #3 is the 1st of 2 episodes showcasing audio outputs from the Art in the Park: Kearsney Interpreted project in Kearsney Abbey & Russell Gardens 2018-19, co-delivered by DAD and Dover District Council.

The show includes extracts from the Park Bench film soundtrack produced by Richard Bundy (film edited by Jamie Jenkinson and directed by Joanna Jones), featuring Anna Phoebe on violins, Paul Cheneour on flutes, vocalist Randolph Matthews & readings from Nicola Dunsbee, Chevonne Lane & Gavin Wright. Additional recordings of readings from the soundtrack by SoundLines Poets Gary Studley, Trevor Breedon, Jeffrey Loffman, Jo Field & Robert Marsh.

Also featured are audio excerpts from Clare Smith’s ‘Watercress and Daffodils’ film including Karen Jones, Charles Holland, Philip Hutton, Anita Sedgewick & Fiona Beddow. With narration by Chris Burke reading Thomas Mawson’s The Art and Craft of Gardening’ and John Fagg reading from a letter by Horace Weller, the last gardener at the former Kearsney Court.

Concludes with a recording of Mike Bacon playing 4 pieces by J.S. Bach next to the River Dour as part of Katharine Beaugie’s commissioned performance River Song.

Curated and presented by Louisa Love & Louise Webb. First broadcast on DCR FM on 23rd April 2021.