Fiona Beddow

Fiona Beddow is an ex-musician, teacher and author who writes adventure novels with strong teenage girls in the main role.  She was born in River.  She showed musical talent at a young age and, after leaving school, spent four years at music college.  She then worked as a classical flute player and teacher.  After ten years in the music business, she decided to re-train as a primary school teacher.

In teaching she rediscovered a love of words and found helping children to read and write the most rewarding part of her job.  She now combines writing with working as a home tutor, specialising in educating children with special needs, and building confidence in literacy and numeracy skills.

Fiona gives writing workshops with a musical twist, and loves to talk to adults and children about the adventure of writing … and why we need girl heroes.  She is an advocate for the rights and aspirations of girls around the world.

Her PGCE thesis presented the case for music to become an integral part of primary school life; she is a skilled practitioner of early music skills and believes in the importance of making music available to everyone.

She writes, edits and presents her own ‘Words and Music’ show on YouTube, featuring all things bookish, wordy and musical, with special guests.

She is an advocate for the rights and aspirations of girls around the world and believes that writing is an important route to empowering young women – by giving them a strong voice.’