Fay Blair

“It’s the people stuff that really matters”

Fay is Canterbury based. She is increasingly asked to provide ‘critical friend’ advice and support those wishing to combine the arts, heritage, culture, with environment and community ‘wellbeing’, in creative and innovatory ways.

She helps people think and work through difficult things; advising on and doing evaluation work, the basic stuff and the more ‘complicated stuff’ (for one man band businesses/social enterprises, ‘creatives’, students, professionals, and public sector partners). Helping to define clear outcomes, measuring and interpreting to inform sound business development and wider audience engagement is essential for all prospective funders, grant giving bodies, sponsors, and is core to good bid preparation.

Fay draws from her 25 years’ experience – from educational/community event programmes for promoting the arts in museums and galleries sector to local and central government ‘sustainability’ training, action research, editorial work and consultancy project evaluation (for among others, Defra, the Sustainable Development Commission, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, WWF, and Kent-based NGOs such as Commonwork and Kent Creative Arts).

Now working on an independent freelance basis, she takes on and very much enjoys one-to-one coaching and group mentoring work. Fay was appointed evaluator for the exciting DMAG ‘joined up’ evaluation project in July 2014.