Park Bench Video Preview

Kearsney Interpreted

48 of the PARK BENCH  contributing artists collected at the Silver Screen Cinema in Dover for a special preview screening on March 11th 2019 that was followed by a meal at It Rustico masterfully put together by Gianni and Franco Pasquino.

During the Summer of 2018 visual artists and poets made work sitting on a park bench of their choice in Kearsney Abbey and Russell Gardens

PARK BENCH, a DAD production, brings together work from 58 artists, poets and musicians from Dover and the surrounding area. It is imagined and directed by Joanna Jones, edited by Jamie Jenkinson with an original soundtrack by Richard Bundy. 40 mins

The video was made during Art in the Park: Kearsney Interpretedan Arts Council funded Dover District Council project delivered in partnership with Dover Arts Development.

Thank you for a wonderful film and a very lovely evening with all the artists. It was great to have some time to talk and get to know a few people.

It was great! Thanks so much DAD!!

Fabulous to see how the works have been edited together. I thought the sound scaping and the spoken word worked extremely well with the visual depictions which were so varied…all together creating a real sense of the beautiful parks and the memories they evoke. Thank you for a wonderful evening DAD

An amazing project Joanna Jones, thank you so much for involving us all and encouraging us to integrate into the natural beauty of park and communicate with each other. The film was mesmeric and fascinating.

It was fantastic

It was a very enjoyable and pleasing film.

The Park Bench Project video is now ‘out there’ for public viewing! Art and poetry, created whilst individual artists and writers sat on a bench of their choice in Kearsney Abbey (my beloved childhood park) and captured what they saw. My humble contribution is just over halfway through, but it really is worth a proper look. A beautifully crafted, soothing video from Dover Arts Development Ltd.  If you know Dover and River, you will see so much that you recognise and love.

It was stunning ; visually and musically . ️thank you

I really enjoyed taking part and seeing the amazing result! A lovely convivial evening. Thank you!

Fabulous gr8 art, gr8 poetry,gr8 voice overs,gr8 editing and gr8 music!

It was such a privilege to have been involved I loved the film so much, there wasn’t anything I didn’t enjoy, thank you so much

The film with its beautiful sound track is a slow and contemplative journey in Kearsney Park looking through the eyes of others. It has been a really great experience to do the work, meet the other artists and socialise with them through you and your generous spirit. Thank you for this rare and very much appreciated experience.

It was great to see all the responses to the space and the soundtrack was exceptional.

thank you for an amazing night on Monday, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I felt really proud to be part of the project. You did an amazing job putting it all together.

I really loved being involved in this project. The final film is a beautiful meander through the parks and allows us time to stop and look through different perspectives.

Thank you for a wonderful film and presentation!

Thank you for having me involved! Always a great experience working with you on a project, as has been the case on all DAD projects, it has been so much more than the project itself, it’s everything around it as well. Very happy to have had added another Dover chapter. 

Thank you dear Joanna for imagining such wonderful projects , they have uplifted many people. Thank you for asking for my involvement also, it was a pleasure and an opportunity for me to create music with such outstanding musicians to an empowering film.