Nicolette Picheral

I have a double repertoire: composed of many hours of oral literature from different and specific civilisations (Inuit, Siberian, Papuan… ) and also of short stories that I write myself. I usually write them for particular circumstances such as exhibitions, remarkable places or special moments.

What these two repertoires have in common: they deal with wonder (or awe) and with being told : with a voice and a body, to an audence. Also, they don’t speak of how to live but of what is life. As barely as possible, as simply as possible. What is or was happening or will be happening in the instant. With no comments, no explanations, as if we just had eyes and ears ; as if we saw the world not through the lenses of culture. Of course it is quite impossible, I know!

I perform alone or with other artists : musicians, singers, dancers, jugglers…”