Schools and arts award

The in-school workshops have begun and are over half-way through, enabling pupils and students to engage with the science curriculum through the lens of creative activities that include dance at St Richards …

I had a wonderful day with the Year 5 students at St Richards Catholic Primary School. We explored the constellations and planets which exist together harmoniously in our galaxy. We used movement to devise our own individual constellation structures and explored how they fit in the context of their surroundings. We also looked at the changing speeds and orbital motions in space. Our day concluded with a showing of all our hard work to Mrs Chapman (Head Teacher) who was very impressed! What a fun but tiring day, well done year 5! (Chloe Mead)

drama and the Mars One project at Goodwin Academy …

All the students joined the Mars One mission 
– They prepared for the mission by packing a suitcase for their group, drawing the items that need to go in the “suitcase and designing and make a prototype space suit from paper to be worn by one member of the group – the astronaut – to protect him or her from the extreme heat, chemicals etc on Mars, whilst also allowing them to move, communicate, eat, farm the land…
The astronauts arrive on Mars!
– Using materials provided, each group built a house or living environment, considering what it is like to live with only 30% of the gravity we have on earth and how it would be possible to build in those conditions – i.e. what materials would be appropriate?
After 5 years of living on Mars
– Each group recorded a video message to show/tell friends and family on earth what it is like there, thinking about
– what Mars sounds like (recording sounds to overlay onto video)
– what the light might be like outdoors and indoors on Mars
– what the community on Mars might be like
– how the friendships/relationships in their group have changed over 5 years”
and, at Temple Ewell,
A cameraless filmmaking workshop which explored the smell and feel of planets transcribed into scratching and marking onto film.
A typography exercise which explored the form of the type in relation to its content, for example, statements about the future of planet earth.
Exploring the animation process known as ‘boiling’ which produced moving illustrations of alien and future human existences.
A video workshop that explored the relationship between camera movement and orbiting planet movement.