Visit to East Kent Railway

Schools and arts award

On 21 June 2017, all the participants along with Sarah Davies, Michele Brailsford, Hannah Farley Hills and teachers from the Duke of Yorks Royal Military School visited the East Kent Railway in the scorching heat to find out about the railway’s WW1 history – its connection with Kent’s former mines and as a place where horses, pigeons and any other animals going to the front would be checked over by vets before doing so.

The trip included an introduction to the site and its WW1 history through a presentation by Gabor Stark and Mark Hopewell, followed by a ride on a vintage train, and a viewing of Gabor’s stunning WW1 influenced sculptures, made as part of his residency with EKR as part of the DMAG project.


13-30 Meet at East Kent Railway – Shepherdswell.(café)
13-40  Talk on site with Gabor Stark Architect/Artist and Mark Hopewell East Kent Railway Volunteer.
14-30 to 14-45 Catch train to Eythorne .
15-00                Waik up Wigmore track.
16-00                Catch train back to Shepherdswell.
17-00                End.
Despite the heat, everyone had a good time, no doubt enhanced by the enjoyment of ice creams after the walk.