To Infinity and Beyond


Pupils at St Mary’s CEP enjoyed two 2 and a half hour sessions exploring space with Helen Lindon:
  • Day 1: ‘Space the Final Frontier’ 
We started with a slide presentation about colour and space, how we see, and how the use of colour has developed through evolution and how colour affects emotion. We then worked on practical exercises, seeing how the same colour would look different on different backgrounds and how we could make ‘open’ and ‘closed’ spaces with the coloured squares I’d brought. We then made a large group piece. 
Using the knowledge we had found so far, we then made paintings of ‘space’ with planets looking close to us and far away.
The children were a joy to work with… curious, full of questions and fully engaged from beginning to end and did some wonderful, wonderful work. (Helen Lindon)
  • Day 2: ‘To Infinity and Beyond”
We started the session with another slide presentation and talked about infinity and fractals in nature. It started with a picture of broccoli which caused very strong reactions! The students thoroughly enjoyed seeing what fractals were and we developed the idea that they could be tiny (down a microscope) and that they made up solar systems in the universe and could be infinite (through a telescope).
As our practical task this time, I’d made up lots of balls of wool for the students to make individual loops – elements of a wool ‘fractal sculpture’. It was amazing to see how they organised themselves into groups to help each other, to divide up the tasks and to work together to make a large piece of work. I believe Ally will be carrying on with this sculpture…I do hope so! The children were lively and engaged all afternoon and asked searching questions…we were able to discuss how important curiosity is and finding things out. That science and art are both based on this urge to find out.
We finished the day looking at a piece of my work about Climate Change, talked about the impact that humans have had on our beautiful planet.
The class teacher commented: We were blown away by your work, the children will be talking about it for days to come. We will be twirling wool for relaxation and completing our fractal wool sculpture. I was proud of their questions and reflective team work.
And some enthusiastic Pupil voice:
  • Katana: I loved working with Helen. It was fun.
  • Jozef: I liked making my planets look far away. 
  • Harry: I found it hard to make a wool loop but Emilia helped me and it was much easier.