Steam Zine

Schools and arts award

The STEAM artists, together with Clare from DAD and Cordelia Scott from the University of Kent got together on 21 September 2017 to pool ideas for making a resource for all the schools in the STEAM network to use as inspiration in the classroom. We decided to make a small booklet that can double up as a collective poster.

Feedback from the day:

It was really useful to chat to everybody face to face, and be in a creative environment where we could think about making a visual resource, more as a form of inspiration than as a lesson plan. Doing this all remotely would have been a challenge, and could have been costly with time. Working together and then going away with an idea of how to make it all work has been really helpful.

It was very enjoyable but also pushed me in directions I don’t normally go in because I had other artists both for inspiration and encouragement.  It felt like a really supportive environment – and how wonderful to have a group of people with such varied practices!