Thank you & Seasons Greetings

What Next?

With our What Next? project at an end, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Arts Council England for the Covid-19 Emergency Response Funding that has enabled this project and to thank all those who followed us via our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, those who met with us on Zoom and to all contributors who shared through the DAD Artists at Home project

We would like to thank the artists who created online projects:
Lonely Dover

… and point you in the direction of the ‘Dover Art Network’ waiting to be populated by more exciting imaginings.

“What struck me on the DAD: What Next? project was that so many of the artists left a project feeling valued; they had been drawn into the core of each project, their ideas listened to. There is this quote I like from Khalil Gibran, an American-Lebanese poet: ‘You work that you may keep pace with the earth and the soul of the earth’. I felt as if DAD had done that well, listening to the voice of Dover’s artists and communities and giving that voice physical form.”
Alice Bryant What Next? Salon Scribe

“As someone born and raised in Dover, growing up and going to school here for those 18 or more years I did not like Dover. It is through DAD and its projects and being part of them as an artist that has made me understand and appreciate it. Each project and each revisiting of the CHALKUP21 trail is a whole new encounter for me and there is something in the exploratory nature of DAD’s activity that is really important. Dover invites that. DAD has always brought out those things. And I consider it to provide such a uniquely safe, supportive, diverse and connective space to evolve as an artist.”
Louisa Love

“I lived in Dover until I was 11 and then came back as an adult. DAD has helped me rediscover Dover and I can’t think of any other organisation that works in that way or that has that potential. It’s really special.”
Joseph Black

“You’ve already established what DAD is, and that remains and extends beyond even yourselves.”
Richard Bundy

“DAD is led by artist’s who take high-quality art and art projects into their local community at ground level, to open up their vision to others and to communicate…. This means there is an unspun, honest relationship between the artists and their local community.
Wonderful quality art comes into the community and artists emerge from this supportive and open relationship as local artists become confident in their work and their audience. Both artists and audience are being encouraged to trust and respect each other – a virtuous circle rather than obfuscating artspeak from ‘the experts’.”
Helen Lindon

“DAD exists through word of mouth, through gatherings, through sharing and exchange.”
Colin Priest

“DAD is where the art is
and DAD is where the heart is”
Gabor Stark

Wishing all our contributors, partners and friends
a special holiday period.
Clare, Joanna and Louisa