What Next? Salon#4 notes

What Next?

Notes from  The Fourth Salon

“A chance to welcome Louisa Love in her new role as a DAD director and hear ideas for DAD’s role going forward. DAD will continue to be artist-led and we would like to consider how a possible steering group of others might be structured”. 


After each zoom salon, we invited artists to send us any responses, either as a piece of text, or a voice or video recording etc.

Here are some of the responses below:

Gabor Stark

Hello again

Instead of sending a voice recording, I attach my (fully unofficial) DAD jingle.

It can be played by any instrument and any child.

Here the score:

DAD jingle - score.jpg

In good old musical cryptogrammic tradition it starts: D1 > A1 > D

And finishes ‘tutti‘: & ‘sostenuto’: D1A1D2

Helen Lindon

What is it that makes DAD different?

 Most other notable organisations in the coastal South East are run by career Art Managers, Curators and so-called expertsall highly trained and ambitious in MANAGEMENT.

 These Art Managers over the centuries have made careers out of the commodication and monetarisation of Art, have accrued a monstrous amount of power and wealth, created hierarchies and have corrupted the meaning of art. It has become an investment opportunity or a way of laundering dirty money. Reputationand saleswhich are managedby the dealers, auction houses and curators have become the criteria by which most people now judge the success and standing of an artist and the artists who have become successfulare the ones who are adept at playing this game cynically and self reverentially. This quite often has absolutely nothing to do with the quality and true value of the art.

 DAD is dierent because it is run by Artists with a completely different agenda. DAD’s purpose is to take high-quality art and art projects into their local community at ground level, to open up their vision to others and to communicatenot a dealer, gallery, curator or manager insight. This means there is an unspun, honest relationship between the Artists and their local community. Wonderful quality art comes into the community and artists emerge from this supportive and open relationship as local artists become condent in their work and their audience. Both artists and audience are being encouraged to trust and respect each other – a virtuous circle rather than obfuscating artspeak from the experts’.

 Making Art and creativity in every form is fundamental to society at ground roots level and connects us with what is the best of humanityI feel that DAD has this at its heart.

 What about the future?

 To be creative, to take responsibility for sharing our art in the community, to use the contacts DAD have created, to raise funds for projects, to work towards excellence in all aspects of our practice – our local communities need to see and hear us and see that we choose to live our lives outside the ‘normal’ parameters of consumerism – that we make art.

 And we need to see and hear and engage with our community.

 The artists who have benetted from this extraordinary and precious organization need to feed and nurture itto ask ourselves what we can do for DAD rather than what DAD can do for us,to paraphrase John F. Kennedy, 20 Jan 1961

Feature image thanks to Kate Beaugie.