Jane James

What Next?


Meeting Life as a Creative Adventure

Pandemic. Lockdown. No person to person meetings. No circles of young people learning to Meet Life as a Creative Adventure as we had been planning. Rethink. Zoom meetings. Many Zoom meetings. Let’s do it virtually! OK then. How will it work?

Five modules, two hours, nine young people. Ah! The benefit of virtual is that we can have people from all over the world. They can meet, co-create, learn from each other without a single airmile polluting the atmosphere.

It’s all about the Age of Unknowing, all the certainties of the world – if there ever were any – are falling away. We can draw that, says Mike. They can put on some Not-Knowing glasses and begin to see the world differently. We can design them, says Mike. We can use the insight postcards and have them write a haiku. Will that work on Zoom? We can try it and see. Yes! It works. Nine seventeen syllable poems created in ten minutes. Workouts. Practice. Micro-skills. Metaphor. We design, create and hold space for breakthrough in such a unique and energetic way – we create our own flow, surprise ourselves with what we come up with, feel the need and energy of the young people and respond to it with even more of our own imaginations.



She said she tried the intuition walk – she thought it was a bit silly. She walked in the overgrown city cemetery along well-worn paths on a summer evening. Why am I even doing this? she thought, but I’ll keep going. Then the path divides – there is a less-trodden route. She takes it, ducking under branches and brushing against verdant undergrowth. She is alone. It is scary. She usually takes the safe path. She keeps going. And then breaks through. There is a clearing. The evening sun shines in on beautiful glade with flowers. She gets it – the intuition walk thing. She has an insight into how she can approach things differently.

Design your own Unknowing Tool. Damon our Meeting Life as a Creative Adventure character has designed a Thought-Plunger – what can you all come up with? Ah! The Shoes of Two Different Sizes – so you can step into the position of the other and see things from their perspective as well as your own. Or the Judgement-Cancelling Headphones – putting them on, turns judgements into positives. 


Step into the unknown. Create a virtual gift – for a fellow adventurer, for yourself, and one for the future, your future – that ambition that tops your Backbone. As a group come up with a gift for the next cohort. A key you say? A key that unlocks something in each person and allows them into the clearing of community. We’ll draw that says Mike. What shall we call it? The Sonderkey, they decide. The SonderKey allows each person to unlock a door within themselves and step into a communal space of growth, trust and empowerment. They write the words.

A pilot programme. Does it work? They tell us it does. Some of their parents tell us it does. Our hearts agree.

Meeting Life as a Creative Adventure has been founded and designed within the nowhere organisation by Mike Malig, group director & catalyst, Nick Clitheroe and Jane James – both catalysts and coaches. The programme draws on more than twenty years of wisdom and practice within nowhere and is already reaching and benefitting young adults across the world.


www.now-where.com | www.meetinglife.org