Schools and arts award

As part of the STEAM UNIVERSE project, the artists have created a poster and a set of booklets for teachers to download as an inspirational resource.

To obtain a large printed poster to hang up in your school please contact

The downloadable zines have been created as small folded booklets from a single sheet of paper. They act as prompts to encourage creative learning, according to Greg “like no other worksheet I’ve ever seen.

Download the information here first which tells you a little about the project, how to fold the zines by the artists and how to make your own small folded booklet from a single sheet: DAD_steam_zine_info

Download the zines by clicking the links:

Zine 1 by Greg Stobbs (Astor College): DAD_STEAM_poster_zine_1_greg stobbs
Zine 2 by Helen Lindon (St Mary’s CEP, Dover): DAD_STEAM_poster_zine_2_helen lindon
Zine 3 by Ben Hunt (Temple Ewell Primary School): DAD_STEAM_poster_zine_3_benjamin hunt
Zine 4 by Chloe Mead (St Richards Primary School): DAD_STEAM_poster_zine_4_chloe mead
Zine 5 by Cherry Truluck (Goodwin Academy): DAD_STEAM_poster_zine_5_cherry truluck
Zine 6 by Cordelia Scott (University of Kent): DAD_STEAM_poster_zine_6_cordelia scott
Zine 7 by Clare Smith (DAD): DAD_STEAM_poster_zine_7_clare smith