Pebbles Screening event at Dover’s Silver Screen Cinema


May 9th 2018 at 11 am in the Dover Silver screen cinema saw the Mayor and Mayoress of Dover Cllr and Mrs Rix, and others from Dover Town Council join invited guests for the Pebbles screening event.

The meaning, history, geology and importance of the English Channel pose many questions and in 2016 Dover Town Council commissioned DAD to deliver the Pebbles Project to deepen the publics understanding and appreciation of Chalk and Pebbles.

The project is an example of the positive outcomes that occur from a cross fertilisation of science and art, which are too often seen as opposites. 

To many, science embodies the rational and analytical end of human experience, while art comes from the empathic and expressive. Science can prove truths to us, while art can only make us feel them.

These differences are compounded as science becomes responsible for the official narrative of our lives, through medicine and genetics, while contemporary art retains a mystical ‘outsider’ status, both in its intellectual obscurity and the inflated prices of the international art market. Nevertheless, where science meets art and the two work together, the result can be extraordinarily productive, as horizons are broadened and gaps in our understanding of both are filled.

(Quoted from Science & Art

Scientists and artists attempt, using different methods and drawing on different traditions, to understand and describe the world around us and also perhaps to act as portents: each informing and being informed by the other.

The screening event was another milestone in the development of the Pebbles project, which started with the launch of the Dover Totems that mark the route from Athol Terrace to the top of the White Cliffs and tell the story of Dover, from the chalk coccoliths under the ground to the plants and flowers found on the chalk grassland and the local sea birds that fly above the landscape. Together the Totems form one of the nine CHALKUP21 trail structures.

The screening event brought into focus the breadth of the Pebbles project’s reach: Mel Wrigley’s wonderful opening talk – The Geology of the White Cliffs and the formation of the Channel–  set the framework for everything that followed: the film, A Parable for Endeavour, and the video animations by Ben Hunt.**  Mel’s talk set in motion a conversation that led to the suggestion of a ‘Megaflood Experience’ some form of Chalk and Channel formation interpretation centre in or around Dover to spread the word about the importance of this area in understanding climate change, our planet and our connected humanity : as Prof Sanjeev Gupta said in the recent Radio 4 series, ‘The Channel.’

…Dover, were it not for a chance sequence of geological events would still be bound to our continental neighbour by a narrow sliver of chalk



** ‘A Parable for Endeavour‘ is a film by Helen Lindon, Joanna Jones and Clare Smith, largely set on Dover beach and screened for the first time in Dover at the Silver Screen as part of this event. Ben Hunt has worked with Mel Wrigley as part of his research for his Pebbles commission.  The video work presented at this screening event was a test piece in preparation for his final presentation, which will include a projection at the Pebbles kiosk on Marine Parade in July.


Published 10 May 2018