Melanie Wrigley

Melanie Wrigley originates from the land and sea of Dover area. She studied Biological Sciences with geology at Leicester University and after gaining her degree in 1983. She went on to work in different scientific jobs before studying for her M.Sc in Landscape Ecology, Design and Management at Wye College (University of London) 1989. Mel was the first warden for the National Trust at Langdon Cliffs, Dover. She has worked as a countryside manager for the White Cliffs Countryside Partnership (WCCP) managing the precious chalk grasslands around the Dover and Folkestone area for 30 years. Mel has a strong interest in the plants ( also the human and wildlife uses of plants), animals, geology and landscape of the chalk and channel area having a particular interest in the formation of the English Channel through the ‘megaflood’. And has a passion for the critical importance of the natural world for human well-being and mental health