Joined Up Museums dinner

The DAD Urban Room

Joanna welcomed Mark Hopewell (EKR) Neil Aplin and Ray Horton (White Mill) Christine Waterman (St Margarets) Sarah Abbott (WHPS) Brian Flood and Valerie Vaughan-Griffiths (Dover Transport Museum) Ray Harlow (Sandwich Guildhall) Allan Lee and Denise Lee (PWRRQR) Jim Davies (Aylesham Heritage Centre) Kevin Joyce (DMAG partners digital support) on behalf of the DMAG management team: Clare Smith & Joanna Jones (Dover Arts Development (DAD) Anne Edwards (Museum support officer) and Sarah Corn (Museum Development Officer for Kent & Medway, South East Museum Development Programme)

It has become somewhat of a tradition for Dover Arts Development to host conversation around this table with a dinner, and it is indeed wonderful for this DMAG “Joined Up” museums dinner that Anne has offered to cook this sumptuous spread of middle eastern food for us all.

An opportunity  to think about the Middle East and the richness of its Culture and Art so much of which is, at the moment, in danger. Art needs tending, valuing and conserving and it also has to be created and lived.

Art works can take numerous forms, as is revealing itself in  the variety of artworks that the DMAG joined up artists are in the process of making for and with you.

Clare found this quote from Relational Aesthetics by Bourriaud :

 Art is an activity that produces relationships to the world and in one form or another makes its relationship to space and time material .... a work that consists in a dinner, around a soup, is every bit as material as a statue.

He sees the role of artworks actually being ways of living and models of action.

The conversation ran between courses with the first topic being: How are the museums finding it working with their artists?

The second topic  was  the July visitor survey capture with Kevin Joyce giving everyone present their log-in procedures and passwords for the Data Capture Application he has created for inputting the data collected in the visitor survey. Every one took a box of  visitor survey forms for their organisation away with them. The aim is for each site to achieve 100 surveys in the month of July.

Each topic was discussed as one conversation with no one speaking at the same time as anyone else.

Some feedback:

Thank you for the lovely evening and please thank Anne also for all the hard work and fantastic food. Not least, of course, because she had to cater for ‘weird’ vegetarians.

Many thanks for your hospitality and ditto to Anne for the very enjoyable new experiences for my palate.

It was a wonderful evening and we both enjoyed ourselves immensely. Thank you Joanna and the team, delicious spread Anne!

A great evening. Superb food and a good balance between fun and discussion! Thank you.

I thought you did really well valuing the listener, in the formalised discussion, and balancing that with times for people to relax and chat amongst themselves.

photos: Clare Smith