DAD RADIO #13 | cross-channel


Taking a cross-channel theme, DAD RADIO Ep #13 is the first broadcast on Dover Community Radio (DCR FM) for DAD’s Digital Festival 2021. It showcases sound works by artists in DAD’s contributor network based either side of the Channel and who are interested in cross-channel and/or radiophonic exchange, exploring audio poetry, the sonic materiality of communication lines + early methods of radio transmission.

Featuring compositions ‘Clink!’, ‘French Summer’ + ‘Like A Magic Lantern’ (from album-in-progress From My Lips To Odd Ears) by Marjorie Van Halteren

Paris-based sound and radio artists DinahBird + Jean-Philippe Renoult share ‘Antenna Gods – Houtem’, a composition using the vibrational sound of the guy wires at the radio antenna site in Houtem. Dinah & Jean-Philippe visited Dover in 2019 as part of their ongoing research into the creation of a cross-channel wireless radio broadcast, The Straight Line, between Dunkirk & Dover using early microwave technology.

Plus soundscape ‘500kHz: Above the Sea & Below the Sky’ by Dominic Pillai (produced April 2021), engaging with Dover’s South Foreland Lighthouse from which Guglielmo Marconi sent the first international wireless transmission in 1899.

Curated, presented and produced by Louisa Love + Louise Webb for DAD’s Digital Festival 2021 at funded by Arts Council England. First broadcast on Dover Community Radio (DCR FM) on Fri 16th July 2021.

Antenna Gods-Houtem (view of Houtem pylon and guy wires) by DinahBird and Jean-Philippe Renoult.