DAD RADIO #5 & 6 | Watermark revisited


DAD RADIO episodes 5 & 6 revisited DAD’s 2012 feature documentary Watermark in audio format. Watermark recounts aspects of the life and closure of Dover’s Buckland Paper Mill, inspired by never-before-seen footage of its last Conqueror paper run and featuring former mill workers.

Described by Screen South as one of the “standout success stories of the region” Watermark engages deeply with the people in the film, tells the wider story of industry in Dover & Kent and examines ideas of work, identity and deindustrialisation.

Watermark is a DAD Production directed by Marianne Kapfer, written & edited by Dominic de Vere & Marianne Kapfer, with original music & sound score by Robert Jarvis. Additional music & arrangements by Bert Osbourne, Mick Morris & Richard Bundy.

You can find out more about the Watermark project & how to watch the film here

Curated and presented by Louisa Love & Louise Webb. First broadcast on DCR FM on 7th May 2021.