A misty research walk


On April 15th 2018, Joanna Jones led a CHALKUP21 research walk along the North Downs Way between ‘The Wing’ at Capel – le – Ferne and the Sea Sports Centre, the 3 Waves and the NDW  START/FINISH line on the Dover Esplanade for the facilitators of  two upcoming public walks;

The Up on the Downs CHALKUP21 walk will be led by Iona Dubieniec with architectural input from Kristian Bird on May 20th 2018 part of the North DownsWay 40th anniversary walks and the ANOB CHALKUP21 Poets and writers walk on August 5th 2018 facilitated by Chris Poundwhite with assistence from Louise Webb.

The walk started out misty. The views on this walk along the Strait are often breathtakingly clear with France visible on the other side most of the way along. We looked this time into ‘nothingness ‘ which in itself was beautiful and mysterious but also allowed any projection our minds desired to bring to it. The route diverted from the NDW to Samphire Hoe to take in the Education Shelter, one of the nine ChalkUp21 structures, and get answers to many questions that had arisen about Samphire Hoe itself from Paul Holt the Samphire Hoe Manager.

Paul told us of a visitor he had talked to who had read about CHALKUP21 in the Guardian  and had come down to Dover for the weekend with 7 friends, using the recomendations on the PLAN YOUR VISIT page on CHALKUP21.com and walking the trail and loving it! Thank you Joanne O’Connor for continuing to bring the CHALKUP21 Trail to peoples attention in this weeks Sunday Observer.

The Spendrift cafe provided welcome sustenance for our journey onto Dover.

Diederik Smet Destination Dover and Georgia were also part of the walking group.